Flannel burp cloths

* All flannel is washed, pre-shrunk in dryer, and ironed before cutting*

Flannel burp cloths: two coordinating flannel prints make up these cute burp cloths.  $2 each



Purples Available: (1)purple with scalloped stitch, (4)purple on one side/lavender on other side


pink-burpPinks Available:  (2) tulips + green, (2)tulips + pink,  (0) pink floral stripe + white, (3)white with paisley print + pink



 available: (1) pink rosebud stripe vertically + blue


Yellows Available: (1)Yellow rosebuds + green stripes on back


IMAG0685[1] IMAG0684[1]

Reds Available:  (2)red with scalloped edge, (2)red rosebuds + red on opposite side, (1)red + green



2 responses to “Flannel burp cloths

  1. Hi Missy, I love the birpcloth’s. My brother and his wife just had their first baby and it is a boy. So I want to buy 2 paisley and 2 teddy bear birpcloth’s. Thanks, Heidi

  2. burp cloths are a great gift idea for new moms….

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